Our Mission: Quality Meets Care

At Thank You Mummy, our mission is simple yet profound: to provide the highest quality goods for children, crafted with utmost care and without compromise. 

Every step of our process is guided by the belief that our children deserve the very best – from the raw materials we source to the finished products we deliver.

Five key guiding principles:

  • Made for Kids: Designed from ground up for kids' evolving needs, preferences, and behaviours. What good are our products if the kids don't absolutely love them?
  • Pure Ingredients: Natural high quality ingredients sourced from the right regions
  • No Compromise: No preservatives, chemicals
  • Absolute Minimal Processing: Minimal processing using the traditional methods, small batches and artisanal
  • Mission-Led Suppliers: Dedication to partnering with suppliers who share the same values

Derived from our guiding principles are these further thoughts: 

  • No animal testing: We staunchly oppose animal testing and guarantee that none of our products undergo such practices.
  • Full Ingredient transparency regarding the purpose and source of all ingredients: Transparency is ingrained in our ethos. We openly disclose the purpose and origin of each ingredient used in our formulas.
  • Uphold human and environmental health Our processing methods prioritise the well-being of both humans and the environment.

Work in Progress: 

  • Sustainable Packaging: We intend to move towards 100% recyclable & sustainable packaging as we gain scale
  • Mothers in the supply chain: Our intent is to provide employment opportunities to more mothers working in our supply chain, within the bounds of their societal construct & comfort


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